Friday, 23 March 2012

What inspires me?

People often ask where I get my inspiration.  And the answer?  Everywhere. Sometimes, I make a 'copy' of an object, the Clarice Cliff-style teapots are an example of that.

Sometimes, it's a technique from another medium, as with the millefiori or patterned paste techniques.

Often, I'm inspired by a pattern on a wallpaper, a greetings card or other everyday object. The monkeys came from my son's pyjamas!

And occasionally, the design develops itself, as with the funky floral wedding cake.

What's in my head at the minute?  Well, some patterned paste ideas for a Golden Jubilee cake for BSG International in May; a new teapot shape with a Clarice Cliff inspired design; a freezer (!); an Islamic-inspired pastillage scupture; and a modern wedding cake, also for BSG International.  Stay tuned to see the results.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

BSG International - not long now

Two cake free, demonstration free weeks coming up before the Easter holiday.  Time to get on with my pieces for Telford I think.

I hope you've all booked your tickets, accommodation and transport.  I'll be on and around the Demonstrators' Stands for the two days so look forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Time for Tea

I've had an idea for some Clarice Cliff inspired teapots for a while now; in fact, I made the prototype way back last summer - then did nothing with it.  The realisation that I had a demonstration booked with the title 'Modelling a Sugar Teapot' spurred me into action a couple of weeks ago with these results:

'House and Bridge'


They're moulded round a 5" dummy to give you some idea of their size and I have to say the painting takes far longer than I anticipated.  I need to find a better way of protecting them as well; the PME Spray Varnish smudged some of the dark colours, particularly the black.

More samples can be found at Kathryns Cakes

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Spring Sparkle - and More Millefiori Ideas

Thanks to Chris for a great day at the Spring Sparkle yesterday.  I was on first so after giving my Millefiori/Patterned Paste Techniques Demonstration, I could sit back and enjoy Lou Wilson from The Cake Makery model a Doulton-style lady and Karen Caudwell from FPC Moulds show us how to get the most from your moulds.

A couple of new ideas from yesterday to share with you:-

Patterned Paste Buttons:  

And a baby in a striped babygro: