Thursday, 3 May 2012

More Chocolate!

I think I've got the bug!  I bought some more moulds and had another play.  It's very calming...

Anyway, a larger shoe:

A chocolate heart:

And some quick photos showing some of the steps:

I tempered some white chocolate and piped or drizzled it into the moulds 

Once that had set, I filled the moulds with tempered milk chocolate 

After a couple of minutes, I poured the chocolate out, leaving a shell.  This one has hardened as I photographed it later

I turned the moulds over and left the chocolate to set 

It's difficult to see but as the chocolate sets, it pulls away from the mould slightly
Once it was completely set, I gently twisted the mould (the small one cracked because I was impatient) and the moulded shapes dropped out.  Then I placed them on a heated baking tray for a couple of seconds, enough to melt the chocolate, and stuck the two halves together

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