Friday, 1 June 2012

My Telford Pieces

Can't believe it's now a fortnight since the Exhibition and I'm only now getting round to Blogging my cakes.

First up is my Diamond Jubilee cake for the BSG Forum Users Table.  As I said last week, a great effort from a bunch of people, most of whom had never met.

The lettering was a Union Flag patterned paste which I will do a tutorial for, though it may not be any time soon!

The whole table looked fantastic and was a real mix of skills and work.

Next up my offering for the Table of Excellence.
This is a showcase for people who've been awarded a Gold in a BSG competition - I've got to be honest, I thought the letter had been sent to the wrong person when I opened it - and I wanted to do something that would reflect the three Gold awards I've had.  As one was a child's birthday cake, the second a pastillage card for a wedding and the third a wedding cake, it was quite a challenge.  As I'd entered the Wedding Cake Class at the Exhibition, I decided to combine the type of modelling found on a child's birthday cake with a pastillage card and try to create a birthday cake, 'before' and 'after' the dinosaur gets in on the act.

And finally my competition piece, a wedding cake adorned with patterned paste applique.  Instructions for the basic techniques can be found here.

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